The graphics for a building control system are often the only thing a building operator will look at to diagnose and trouble shoot his building.  That's why EMC Services has invested in a Graphics Department to generate the graphical drawings and pictures for viewing a building's mechanical systems. By creating a separate department for graphics, this has allowed these employees to make the details of the graphics a priority.  Our team has focused on improving the visual representations of the systems.

  • More accurate pictures of the HVAC equipment, rooftop unit style, boiler model, etc.
  • Building overview screens that give the operator an overview of the critical systems at a glance.
  • Standardized colors for backgrounds, piping, alarms, etc. for constistency across customers
  • Floor plans that can include ductwork, room sensor locations, terminal equipment locations.
  • Creating links to submittal control drawings and sequence of operations to help building operators

Sample Graphics

Chiller System

 Air Handling Unit     

Site Layout Site Layout