Control Programming

Being a controls contractor at heart, there is no other business type that can provide as high a level of support for programming sequences of operation.  For a DDC control system, the sequence of operations is the center of the project and often the most challenging to compile.  As seen time and time again, the controls contractor on retrofit, service, and construction projects becomes the project's heart and soul.  He brings together the mechanical and electrical systems of a building to work in harmony despite design inconsistencies.  Almost any mechanical system can be brought under control through programming, regardless of oversized heating and cooling coils that are difficult to tune or air handlers that are slightly undersized or chiller systems that don’t enjoy operating at low load systems.


By associating ourselves with the Johnson Controls Metasys® family of products via our ABCS agreement, we have the technical products and software tools to perform virtually any sequence of operation regardless of how complex.  This is true for the older N2 products as well as the BACnet Extended Architecture systems.  The N2 products provide a standard question and answer solution through HVACPro.  For more complex sequences, a CG/CV controller is used that is fully programmable with process logic blocks and PLC code and is expandable with XPM modules.  The BACnet system uses the same hardware platform, the General Purpose Application Controllers (CGM), for all of its central mechanical systems.  This software is even more flexible as it begins with a question-and-answer programming tool, SCT, but then modules or sections of the programming can become customized.  The CG/CV is also expandable with I/O expansion modules.