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Sample Submittal Drawings 

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 Communication Layout  Sample Chiller System  Sample Air Handling Unit


Sample VAV Box  Floor Plans


Information Included in an EMC Services Submittal

System Layout - the HVAC equipment is represented accurately with attention to the location of equipment and the areas it serves and the configuration of the coils and dampers.

Sequence of Operations - EMC Services does not regurgitate the job specification sequences.  They are written in a logical order that matches the programming tools.  Details are added to create a complete sequence of operation.

Bill of Material (BOM) - Materials are listed in the BOM including accessories, exact part numbers, sensor ranges and manufacturer.

Wiring Details - Every system includes wiring details showing field wiring from the panel to the equipment as well as termination details for interface with equipment that is furnished by others.  This detail allows a quick and accurate wiring job.  Job wide "typical" details are not used since almost every job contains some non-typical wiring and terminations.

Point Schedule - The point schedule is basically the controller layout.  This information is mostly used by the programmer to generate the software database.  It includes the sensor and actuator ranges (i.e. 4-20ma equals 0-100% RH).

Communication Layout - Generally one of the first documents, this drawing gives an overview of the network layout and communication wiring building wide.  It shows the magnitude and size of a control system by listing every controller on every communication trunk.

Floor Plans - Ask any service technician, floor plans are very useful for locating equipment after the job is done.  The floor plans will identify the location for panels, thermostats and pressure sensors located in ductwork and piping.