Control System Design

EMC Services brings many years of experience in the control systems industry.  Many of which are direct with Johnson Controls Metasys® products.  This experience translates into a control system design that exceeds the competition.  The main deliverable and core to the design is the control drawing and submittal package.

We believe in the "engineering" process.  The more time spent upfront reviewing the HVAC design and collecting details about the equipment and sequence of operations will only lead to a more efficient installation and startup.  All of the details are included in the control drawing package.

The System Design and control drawing package become the core of the project.  It is used for reviews by engineers and building owners, the electrical contractor for installation information, and programming and commissioning.  Finally, after the project is complete and changes are updated, the control drawing package is the most important tool for service and troubleshooting during the control system's life.  All projects include paper and/or electronic copies of drawings as well as a CD.

Not all contractors see the value in this kind of Design Package.  Here at EMC Services, we feel there is no other choice but to spend the time documenting the details of every job.

Select Engineering Samples to see more details on our Submittal Package.