Variable Speed Drives 

The use of variable speed drives in HVAC systems gives building owners the opportunity to increase energy savings.  Often, many local utility providers will offer rebate incentives to businesses for installing VSDs as well as high effeciency motors.  EMC Services has found the JCI drive an excellent fit for many customers.

The JCI drive is the smallest drive in the industry making it the right choice for many retrofit applications with limited space.  Something that we haven't seen on many other drives is the intuitive start-up wizard that is accessable through the keypad.  The wizard features the most commonly used motor nameplate parameters in order to simplify set-up.  It's easy navigation and display makes it a cinch to get drives up and running.

The major types are:

Micro Drive - a cost effective solution for small motors up to 10hp.

Open Drive - one of the most popular and cost effective models, plenum rated, available in enclosure class Type 1 or 12, from 1 - 250 hp.  These drives do not have a bypass.

Intellipass / Intellidisconnect Drive - similar to the Open Drive, this model adds a disconnect or a bypass.

Enclosed Drive - for the more rugged environment, the Enclosed Drive is offered in Type 12 or 3R, has a standard input circuit breaker.