Energy Management and Control Services, Inc. is a full service control system and HVAC company.  Our clients can be confident that our systems are precisely designed, technically correct, fully functional, and thoroughly documented.

Our support staff includes programmers, graphics engineers, field technicians, project engineers, trainers and commissioning technicians to provide the services your building needs to operate within specification.

* Our staff will work with you to design a cost-effective solution to accomodate all of your building automation needs.ADS-UI

* The programming and graphics design team completes the field checkout, programming, database generation and graphics to turnover a building that is working correctly and is easy to navigate.

* The engineering department generates state of the art accurate control drawings for the submittal package including wiring details, points schedules, valve and damper schedules, sequence of operations and bill of materials.  All this is included in the operation manual on a user friendly CD.

* We provide Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning services to document a new system or verifty the operation of an existing building along with a complete set of documentation.

* Our Parts and Service group can help with repairs, replacement parts, engineering support and maintenance contracts.

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